Travelling with kids – things to pack

Hubby and me love to travel before we had kids. After the kids came, we still love it. But traveling now is never the same as before.

Before kids, we could book last minute flights.

Before kids, we could travel to nearby Neighboring countries or 24 hours to the other side of the world.

Not anymore. Especially when we have kids so small.

During our last trip to Hong Kong, the kids came back with rashes due to lack of fibre intake (according to doc ) and upper respiratory tract infection due to air pollution. Poor babies and parents ( for paying hundreds of dollars for the medication )!

This is what I’ve prepared for our upcoming trip. Hopefully will resolve the lack of fibre issues. It’s kind of hard to always have fruits and vegetables that the kids will eat while traveling. But this is a sure way.


Yummi bears fibre gummies + Disney multivitamins packed individually to settle the kids when we need to. A healthy alternative to real sweets! I wanted to stick some stickers on then but couldn’t find them. Never minds.. I’ve tried the Disney cars version but I thought the Mickey Mouse one was nicer due to the size of each gummi.

During 1 of the trips, I also prepared oats for a quick breakfast in the room before we set outside in case we are lazy to buy breakfast.

3-in-1 Quaker oats + instant Quaker oats to add in to the otherwise too watery and non filling oats beverage.
Unfortunately the kids didn’t really like it and we had quite a lot of leftovers after that.



Artificial sand

We saw this artificial sand from Korea during 1 of our trips there and they had some sample at the store for the children to try.

Nicole couldn’t stop playing with it so we had to buy a box of it and risk busting our luggage weight limit. But it was all worth it. Now both kids love playing with it and we don’t really have to leave home for the beach for sand play.

The only thing to be careful, according to the sales staff is that the kids must not have allergy to fish as 1 of the ingredients used was from fish. Either fish oil or fish fats which the Korean SA had difficulty explaining.



Packing for trip

Looking at the to-pack list.. Ah.. Do I really have to pack so many things?

Thinking of all the loading and unloading of luggage for family of 4 is intimidating.

Well I better start my packing early for that dream winter holiday!


What would you do if you have 15 minutes to spare

Being a working mum, I have so little time for myself except the 1 hour lunch time when I either gulp down my lunch and do some shopping or skip lunch or pack lunch so I can shop. Weekday nights and weekend are for the kids and occassional weekday leaves for dates with hubby.

I happen to have a chance to ‘pass by’ a mall that day after work. It was so tempting to do some shopping and get some new clothes and shoes which I think I desperately lack.

But instead, I opt to go to the library and get some books for the kids. Kind of sad on 1 side but the thought of seeing the kids happy with a set of new bedtime stories thrills me as well.

It must be my lucky day because I can actually get these books today!so many somemore! My estate has lots of Dora fans and it’s really got property at the library.


Happy! Sigh.. Mummies..

TaoBao Purchases – Hits and Misses

I was in a hurry to checkout my items at taobao and have them shipped back in the shortest time that I did not really read carefully about the items I had bought.

First item to review due to major disappointment, this pair of cheongsams I got for my girls for CNY

This was what was shown on the site.


Looks good huh? Turns out, when the items arrive, the workmanship was so lousy I thought they might tear apart if i put them to wash in the washing machine.

1. Thread and zipper used was lousy and seems easily breakable.

2. The seams didnt meet at all.

3. The ribbons that was supposed to secure the tutu ripped.

4. 1 of the clips that came with the cheongsam was missing the clip totally. Only had the bow.

I checked back the seller site to review what went wrong and then I discovered the mistake. It said β€œζΌ”ε‡Ίθ‘¨ζΌ”ζœβ€ (Performance costume)! No wonder the dress seems ready to rip at anytime!

Lesson Learnt.Β :(