Checking out Singapore Offshore Islands by Boat

It started with a purchase of a Groupon deal for PPCDL course which I thought was a great deal. So ‘sent’ hubby off for the course. Things were smooth and he passed the test and got the licence! Yeah!

Then I saw another deal for boat charter without or without skip. It was a good chance to practice so I bought the deal and of we went boating!

This was our route set in the Garmin GPS by the kind people at Wakiki boating

Cool, isn’t it?

Soon, hubby got the hang of it and we picked up speed and we drift a bit off the route and it was really fun!



It was interesting seeing the big ships and wondering who’s staying at those kelongs and if they ever order macdelivery.. Think the peeps at Mac would freak out! πŸ™‚



We were trying to park our boat at the marina when we met with an unexpected event. The steering went loose and the fuel went out! Our boat then lost control and bumpe into the stone walls


Luckily we were at the marina already! Thank goodness! Next time remember to keep track of the fuel!

The trip was good and we’ll be back! πŸ™‚

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