TaoBao Purchases – Hits and Misses

I was in a hurry to checkout my items at taobao and have them shipped back in the shortest time that I did not really read carefully about the items I had bought.

First item to review due to major disappointment, this pair of cheongsams I got for my girls for CNY

This was what was shown on the site.


Looks good huh? Turns out, when the items arrive, the workmanship was so lousy I thought they might tear apart if i put them to wash in the washing machine.

1. Thread and zipper used was lousy and seems easily breakable.

2. The seams didnt meet at all.

3. The ribbons that was supposed to secure the tutu ripped.

4. 1 of the clips that came with the cheongsam was missing the clip totally. Only had the bow.

I checked back the seller site to review what went wrong and then I discovered the mistake. It said “演出表演服” (Performance costume)! No wonder the dress seems ready to rip at anytime!

Lesson Learnt. :(


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