Private tour by This is Korea

I don’t quite remember the kind of feeling when I travelled without kids. Should be the first couple of years when I got married and went for honeymoon. Nowadays, traveling means having having to pack for 4, preferably within 1 big and 1 cabin size luggage plus 1 stroller, at least to keep logistic more […]

Seoul, Korea – Shop and Eat

Our time for shopping and scouting for good food to eat wasn’t as much as we would wish for, but we did manage some of it. And ate some really nice food over there. I spent several nights getting this map up, showing the places where we went for food and shopping. Why don’t Google […]

Seoul, Korea for Young Kids

Ever since we had kids, all our holidays were with our kids, since they were infants. We know many parents find travelling with kids a hassle and activities were restricted so they would rather leave the kids at home and travel out by themselves. It’s a tempting idea. Imagine the cost will be lowered, you […]

The Barbie Doll Room at Sheraton Grande WalkerHill, Seoul

I had a hard time picking the photos of the room for this blog entry because the Barbie doll room at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill is simply stunning and the dream room of all girls. I came across this room while researching for hotels in Seoul. My girl was into Barbie Doll these days and we […]

TaoBao Purchases – Hits and Misses 3 (snow shoes)

On our previous winter trip we bought some shoes from the Columbia brand and used it only for that trip. It’s still almost brand new but we decided to get new shoes as the shoes from Columbia were 1. Bulky 2. Shoe laced 3. Takes time to wear and take off This trip, we bought […]

Packing for trip – The Gadgets and Stuff

Living in a hi-tech era, it’s hard to leave these gadgets behind when travelling. But together with these gadgets comes along their power sources and charging cable. Bulky Dslr camera, iPad for the kids, charger for the iPhones and the Samsung, memory card adaptor for backing up camera photos to iPad and 1 extension socket […]