On our previous winter trip we bought some shoes from the Columbia brand and used it only for that trip. It’s still almost brand new but we decided to get new shoes as the shoes from Columbia were

1. Bulky
2. Shoe laced
3. Takes time to wear and take off

This trip, we bought some cheaper ones to try out. Here’s the review


First pair was meant for the kids, recommended by a friend.


The price is good and quality was ok too. It’s waterproof, as described in the site. Feet didn’t ache after a whole day of walking so it was comfortable and easy to wash and wipe clean after use. It’s also lightweight so it’s suitable for the kids.
The problems we had with this pair were
1. Wrong size bought
It didn’t really indicate whether it was kids size or adult size or both. So I assumed the size there was the size of the feet. I bought 2 pairs for my 2 and 4 years-old and it ended for me and my 4 year-old. Which was size 29 and 38. I’m usually a US size 7 or 41 for don’t know which chart of sizing. So I could actually fit in a size 38 which was puzzling.

2. It’s slippery on ice
You can attempt to do ice skating in it

3. You have to take them out at the customs during baggage check. That’s kind of tough especially when you are traveling with young children

Second pair was for the grandparents


This pair have similar features as the above with added advantage that we did not have to remove for baggage check. Great for the old folks.

The last pair was the best buy.

It was incredibly cheap and still as comfortable and durable. Best part, it had rubbery soles that you can walk on ice easily. Best for winter weather where you might step on some ice here and then and slip if not careful.

But you also had to remove them for baggage check though.

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