The Children’s Garden at Garden by the Bay, Singapore

The newly opened Children’s Garden at Garden by the Bay has been highly raved among my friends and often blogged about. Lots of people were posting on Facebook featuring this exciting place for kids so we decided to check it out too. I heard its crowded on weekends and it’s best to go early in […]

The City @ Liang Court, Singapore

I have read and heard a lot about The City kids learning playground at Liang Court, especially when it first launched. The idea sounds like the hugely popular Baby Boss at Taiwan. But when we finally went there, almost 2 years after it opened, we realized that it’s almost completely different and sadly, it didn’t […]

Science Experiments for Young Kids

We got bored staying at home over the weekends so I did some science experiments with the kids to create some excitement. It all started when Nic saw 1 of the Hi 5 episodes showing how to make a volcano with some kitchen ingredients. She was all excited and wanted to replicate the activity. So […]