The Children’s Garden at Garden by the Bay, Singapore

The newly opened Children’s Garden at Garden by the Bay has been highly raved among my friends and often blogged about. Lots of people were posting on Facebook featuring this exciting place for kids so we decided to check it out too.

I heard its crowded on weekends and it’s best to go early in the morning to avoid the crowd.
We didn’t manage to make it for morning trip so we went in the evening, thinking if it’s too crowded, we’ll just go scootering at the park.

It was really crowded when we reach but still manageable so we just went ahead. Boy, aren’t the kids excited!


Nic was squealing with excitement and Nat was running all over the place until we were quite worried she’ll lose her way back.
The area was quite huge so it didn’t feel that crowded. There were 2 areas, 1 for bigger kids and 1 for toddlers.

My kids got bored with the toddler area quite fast as the splashing was minimal and regular, unlike the big kids area where the splashing was random and created some excitement for them.
We went at around 5pm and although the sun was not scorchingly hot, we still felt a bit toasted and dry after the play.
There were toilet and shower facilities for male and female as well as a kids open shower area. The kids shower area was supposedly for kids but they had the shower head fixed so high that I couldn’t stay dry while showering the kids.
While the daddy was busying looking after the kids running amok at the water playground, I found an exciting playground that my kids wi go crazy over if they saw.





It was just next to the toddler water play area. Wished I had known about this place earlier. Then the kids can have fun there first before getting wet and shower after .

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