The City @ Liang Court, Singapore

I have read and heard a lot about The City kids learning playground at Liang Court, especially when it first launched. The idea sounds like the hugely popular Baby Boss at Taiwan. But when we finally went there, almost 2 years after it opened, we realized that it’s almost completely different and sadly, it didn’t really impress us. We were also quite puzzled why they didn’t have lockers or shelves for us to deposit our stuff. The staff just told us to leave our bags at the chairs at the dining area.

It’s mainly free play but themed by having different rooms designed like supermarket, clinic, post office etc. Some rooms, like the police station, was actually just some poster and some shelves which didn’t look like a police station, really.

Classroom setting
Classroom setting

For my kids, they needed a little help to get the idea of role play. They didn’t always want to wear the costume for the respective roles that they were supposed to be in and when they wanted to wear, the costumes were in various pathetic states.

Nic, the chef
Nic, the chef

We went in just about after lunch and it was relatively empty. But the food toys and utensils in the ‘restaurant’ were all over the floor and I had to do a bit of cleanup first to make the ‘restaurant’ kitchen look fun to play.

Nat was playing supermarket with the daddy and her shopping bag looked very worn.

The doctor’s robe in the ‘clinic’ looked equally worn and the kids refused to put on. They didn’t play clinic at all, I think. There wasn’t much doctor toys in there, just had some baby dolls patients inside.

There was a classroom-like room but not many kids were interested in that.
Maybe classrooms just bore kids?

We managed to pick 2 princess costumes among the messy wardrobe and the kids were kinda of excited although the dresses were either torn at the back or had Velcro that wouldn’t stick anymore


Among these costumes you can find policeman, postman, fireman and superhero costumes for the kids to play dress up.

I didn’t take photo of the ‘firestation’ because it was only 2 small tents that was painted like firestation.
Finally the most pathetic room, in my opinion, was the hair salon.


There were some hair models and wigs for kids to pretend to learn hair styling. But all the hair and wig just looked impossible to style or comb.

The kids had a great time there and requested to go again the next day, although the standard kind of disappointed the Mummy. I think the role play idea is good, but I hope they do some maintenance of the toys. I don’t think the same toys can survive for another year. Hopefully they will do something about it and we’ll come back again with a changed impression.

For now, the kids will just have to continue to make do with the home supermarket setup by the Mummy.




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