Mother’s Day

We never used to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Birthdays etc when we were still kids as mum always say it’s just another day, nothing to celebrate. After I have my own kids, hubby and his family would celebrate all the days (mother’s day, birthdays) with me and the kids. My mum still says its just another day until now. Now that most of her kids are married with kids, she usually cooks and gathers everyone for a Sunday dinner. Rarely would she take a break to eat out as she would say food outside is expensive.

This year, I managed to get my parents out. We went shopping then suggested to eat out since there’s not enough time to cook. Meanwhile the usual gang for Sunday dinner were planning a family dinner outside together as a surprise. I was supposed to bring them to the restaurant, not telling them that everyone would be there. So we executed the plan and mum was still trying to get us to eat somewhere cheaper.

I managed to get them there finally and had a rare dinner out at a nice restaurant. Thanks to sis for booking this last minute dinner on a Mother’s Day!

Hope everyone had a fun night out and my mum would allow herself to be spoilt once a while. Now we all know how hard it is being Mum. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day too all Mums!
Happy Mother’s Day too all Mums!

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