By now, most locals with kids would have heard of this Kids Wonderland at the rooftop of the brand new mall, Westgate, located at the Jurong Gateway area.

There’s a lot of hype here as it’s dubbed as the biggest (and Free!) outdoor rooftop playground in Singapore.

A little less talked-about kids haven also located at Westgate, is the newly opened Kids Club located at level 5 of the mall.

Entry to the club is more exclusive than the open-air Kids Wonderland.

Non Kids Club Member
First, you need to spend $60 anywhere in the mall before you are allowed entry. If you need to drop off your kid first before you can go shopping, you can also pay a refundable deposit of $15 first and produce the receipt later on. They didn’t specify what happens if you couldn’t produce the receipts later on though.

Kids Club Member
You can sign up for a 6-months Kids Club member by spending $250 in the mall. Then you need to spend $30 instead of $60 to get in the club for free. You can also pay a $10 deposit first if you haven’t got receipts yet.

Age Limit
The age limit is from 4 to 12. 1 parent must be around if the kid is between 4-6years old. Above 6, parents are not allowed. The idea is to allow parents to go run errands, shop or even gym there while the kids are entertained and supervised. Sounds really cool.
The rules stated only entry for 1 kid and minimum 4 years old but for some reason both my kids went in but I’m not complaining about it. 🙂

Before going there I was all excited anticipating some exclusivity and the magical feel featured in the advert like this(picture from Capitamall)
But what we saw was this

Maybe we should have come at night instead.
There are 2 parts of the club. Indoors and outdoors. After you enter the club, there’s another door leading to the outdoor park. The constant opening of this door made the indoor club quite warm despite being air conditioned.

The most impressive part of the indoor club for me was the massive collection of books! Oops, a bit of a bookworm here because actually hardly any kid touched those books at all throughout our stay there.

The books were mostly from the National library and had a mix of new and old books and I could easily find some of my kids favourite books.

There’s also a big tv screening Dora, some board games, toys, Lego and 2 Samsung Kids Galaxy Tab!






There was nothing much outdoors, especially during a hot afternoon. There was a kiddy rocking chair, a bridge, a meowing cat, a maze-like structure and the best part of it was probably the trampoline.






A nice feature in the club was the availability of toilets and a pantry equipped with beverages and biscuits in case the parent got tired or the kids require a snack. You can’t bring in your own food though.




What a savior for the hungry kids after some serious play and jumps!


There are also lockers for loan that you can keep your stuff in so you can offload your diaper bag to run your errands


Lastly, remember to checkout with out checkout slips and have the tag bracelet cut to enjoy discounts at some participating shops!


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  1. We visited Westgate for the first time 2 weeks ago. My kids love the rooftop playground and I was really impressed by it. I didn’t know there’s a kids’ club there! Thanks for sharing! Will check it out the next time we’re there.


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