Adventure Cove for kids, RWS Singapore

The first time we came to Adventure Cove was about a year ago, just hubby and me. We didn’t think it would be suitable for our kids yet. We tried it today with the kids. The original plan was Port of Lost Wonder but tickets were all sold out.

We had a lazy morning and had lunch at RWS before proceeding there. It was an extremely hot day even when we reach only around 3pm. So everyone was rather grumpy and cranky.

There has been some changes since we last came. Footwear is now allowed in the premises. They might have learnt from the good example of legoland because they even have the same shoe racks placed around the attractions! We appreciate this change because it’s really painful to walk barefooted on the pebbled floor through the whole park!

The last time we came was without kids and movement was unrestricted by staircase anywhere. We brought along the stroller today knowing the kids might need it on the way back if they are exhausted. Then we remembered the staircases we encountered the last round. Argh. But hey we managed to find a stroller friendly path anyway!

Here , here. Tucked at the extreme right side near the entrance. Phew!

We also saw this popular fountain that we thought of bringing the kids here in case they have nothing of interest in there.

The park was exceptionally crowded due to the holiday period and our jaws dropped when we saw the chaotic situation at the main changing room and locker room. Luckily we knew there are other changing rooms further inside so we went straight in for that.


Because it was unplanned, we had to let the little one go without nap in order not to miss the fun. The park closes at 6pm so we had only 3 hours. The female shower room already had a queue when we reach. There were only 5 shower cubicles at 1 side and a few more at the other shower room next to the lockers. Didn’t manage to take much photos as my camera was mostly in the locker since we need to get wet. The photo on top is the kids shower room. The other female shower room is just nearby. There are only 2 kids shower cubicle and 2 toilet cubicles here. So most people ended up having a quickly shower at the outdoor showers.

If you forgot your sunblock, toiletries and towel etc, there’s a main shop at the main entrance and a kiosk inside to get the items


So that’s for the facilities for kids that I found useful. For play, we played at mainly 3 play areas.

Seahorse Hideaway


We spent the longest time here as Nat had a little toilet training accident here. It’s was her first swim diaperless and I was changing at the toilet when Nat wanted to poo! Hubby quickly carried her to the toilet but didn’t make it there. Nat had already pooed in her swim suit. Yikes!

Hubby broke out in sweat while waiting for me to come to the rescue. I cleaned her up and washed the swim suit with soap. Sweat!

Big Bucket Tree House


We wanted to try the splashy pool here but the kids didn’t like, so we left soon after.

Bluwater Bay



The kids liked this wave pool, surprisingly. The last time we came, floats were allowed here. But no floats seen here today.

They enjoyed the waves splashing on them. Only con here was that the flooring was too rough and the kids ended up with some scratches.

Adventure River

We ended our day with a ride here. The floats were actually too big for the kids so next time we must bring along our own floats for the kids.

Ticket price for 2 adults – $50 with MasterCard promotion
Ticket price for 4 and above – $26
For weekend pricing

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