Jurong Regional Library – Kids Section

When I saw 1 of the reports saying Singapore is the best place in Asia to be a Mum, I kind of believe its true. It’s not the best in the world but not too far off, ranked in the 15th place.

Maybe my expectations are low or something but take a look at this renovated kids section at the Jurong Regional Library.

I think it’s not always common to have totally kids friendly and free of charge places around the world. Always appreciate it when facilities and amenities are built thoughtfully with kids in mind. Makes life easier for mums. Like a lot of the malls in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. 🙂

Melissa and Doug puzzles

When I first heard about Melissa and Doug puzzles I was quite unsure how the kids would learn from playing with it. It’s not exactly cheap to get from local stores just to test whether your kid will enjoy playing with it or whether they will learn anything from playing with it. So it’s really quite a good idea to have them in the library so we can try out before deciding to buy it for ourselves or not. Impressed!

Hand Puppets

I’m not sure whether the kids are allowed to just take one off the rack and role play with a hand puppet or it’s meant for some dedicated kids activities time but when I was there, the puppets were just there for anyone to take. Puppet show time!

Dress Up!

This was a major Wow Factor! Look at the costumes! I haven’t even seen army costumes at any kiddy indoor playground yet! Definitely make the kids go crazy. There’s only this rack here so I can’t imagine the madness during the weekends or evenings when the kids come in!

Musical Note Labelled Books

I haven’t seen this labeling before at other libraries so I was curious what they meant. Looked at a few titles and I realized they seem to be stories related to music. Like nursery rhyme books, stories on characters from children’s songs like The Itsy Bitsy Spider. How cool! Love this labeling. Wished I had more time to explore.


(Photos taken in a rush with handphone camera)
The overall design was very conducive and attractive for the kids. Hope to bring them here 1 day!

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