June School Holidays Kids Fun

It’s the mid year school holidays! Usually during the school holidays, there would be lots of kiddy activities for the kids. Ranging from paid enrichment school camps to free indoor and outdoor activities. Kids and parents will be spoilt for choices.

Recently I set up a diy calendar (Click here if you would like to download an editable copy for your own planning.) of schedules and events which I would pin up on the wall for the kids to keep track. The calendar for this month is full of  fun activities.   

Diy calendar of events
 Nic would refer to this calendar daily to notify me of the upcoming activity and whether we will be attending.

Most of the activities were held throughout the week through weekends, so we could only try to make it for the weekend activities.
28th SEA Games in Singapore

Singapore hosted the SEA games this year as part of the SG50 celebrations. It was such a grand event with load of activities to engage everyone who went. We didn’t want to miss such a special moment for Singapore, so we bought some tickets and brought the kids to watch their first SEA Games match. 


In aircon comfort
 It was a badminton quarterfinals match. We were enjoying the excitement when halfway through the kids got bored and started asking when the game will end, countless times. We gave in and left the match a while before all the matches ended. We managed to see the final score after all. Some kind of first SEA game match for the kids.. duh..

The game booths were too crowded so we didn’t manage to play at the booths. Just took some photos for momento.

 The atmosphere was great and the games spirits high. We didn’t have enough of the atmosphere, so we went back a second time and we glad we found the symbolic SEA Games flames. Proud to be hosts.


The torch
The lion was too bright

Images of Singapore and Madame Tussauds (RWS Singapore)

My mother-in-law got lucky and won some tickets to the Images of Singapore and Madame Tussauds this June holidays. Just nice to bring the kids to check out the 2 attractions that we haven’t been yet.

Photo-taking at Images of Singapore was not allowed, so we didnt have any photos there. The kids were rather scared due to the darkness of the attractions where we walked through to view different exhibits with guides explaining the different stages of Singapore history. It was nice but the kids probably didn’t really appreciate it.

Then came the boat ride we saw on the promotional videos all the time. It was rather cool but the big one broke down for no reason, not wanting to sit on the boat. Could be due to the darkness as well. Otherwise, we enjoyed the short boat ride and after the ride, we would enter Madame Tussauds.


On the boat
The must-take photo
Totally awkward
The giant and the baby
As usual, looks awkward
 We had fun taking photos here but we were stucked for the longest time at ‘Yao Ming’s station’. Why? There was a really basket ball net and basketball for people to have a try at shooting. The kids can’t bear to leave until they get the ball in.

There was also soccer simulation game and golf practice at the sports stars area. We haven’t seen this at other Madame Tussauds yet. Thumbs for the Singapore version!
My Little Pony Picnic (Ang Mo Kio-Bishan Park)

First picnic
First picnic
The girls are currently hooked to My Little Pony and they were thrilled when we brought them to this free Pony-themed picnic at Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park. It was the girls’ first picnic and it was a really really hot day even though we only went in the late evening. We packed some food (lazy us) and set up our picnic mat where we could find some shade.

The event was quite fun, despite the heat, and quite an experience for them. There were free games station, free snack booths (pop corn and cotton candy) and photo booths. There wasn’t even a single booth selling merchandise, seriously. Not that we mind though.

Many different booths set up
Many different booths set up

Big turnout
Big turnout

Game Station
Game Station

Photo Booth
Photo Booth
After playing at the games station, we were supposed to get chops and participate in the lucky draw of the day. Unfortunately the queues and the turnout was overwhelming and we couldn’t get to play at all the booths. However the organisers have decided to give all who turn up the chops and the chance to participate in the lucky draw anyway. The girls were quite disappointed at not having won anything so I have to explain to them a little about lucky draws.

Hi-5 Performance (United Square)

They are not that great Hi-5 fans now but still thrilled to watch their performance. This year we are not intending to attend their concert so I thought I would bring them to the mall to watch a short performance stint instead. I don’t usually like to join long queues to get something, but this time round, I thought I try my luck at the queue for a photo opportunity with the Hi-5 crew. It was a weekday and I guess the queue would not be that bad, so I made my purchases to hit the minimum amount required to get a photo pass, joined the queue and waited. Luckily I didn’t have to wait for 2 hours like some parents do during the weekend show. And I got the pass!

So here goes the excited kids with their favourite Hi-5 crew and I thought this is so much better than going for the concert. They sang their most popular hits and the kids get to take a photo with them. But for some reason, the kids there that day didn’t appear to be too excited during the show. I think the HI-5 crew didn’t manage to engage the little audiences enough though.

The kids had so much fun this month they almost couldn’t adjust back to homework and routine days by the time July came. The next event filled month would be December. Oh it’s going to be such a long wait.. 

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