Jokes for Road Trips

It’s the school holidays! Time for vacation! Every time we go on trips, we tend to have lots of time spent on the road, getting from one place to another. I will then always prepare some activities to entertain the kids on long car rides. And when my activities run out, they will whip out the iPads at the very first opportunity.

Here’s what I prepared previously:

1. Storybooks

2. Random toys in a bag

3. LEGOs

4. Small balls

5. DIY busy book (took me lots of time and effort to make)

DIY busy book because I could not find any suitable ones outside

6. Cardboard boxes, paper strips and Pom poms (for the baby then who gets fascinated over boxes)

Made from toilet roll and diy Pom Pom with yarn. Can discard after the trip if the condition degrades 😂

7. Hand puppets

Hanged the toy with pacifier clip and a rubber band so it’s stretchy

8. Cars

The thing with legos and balls are that they tend to drop again and again all over the car and I would have to pick them up again and again. Duh!

Busy books were good as I made sure I had different types of activities packed in, like mazes, writing sheets, magnetic paper doll set, various worksheets for academic skills, stickers, and thread with paper punched with holes for threading and learning how to tie shoe laces.

The downside was that once it gets dark, all these activities aren’t appropriate anymore. Then they will spend the rest of the ride on gadgets. With bright lights and everything.. duh again.

I’ve tried to think of something that they could do during those night car rides but couldn’t get any good ideas.

Then this idea came to me. We can’t see well in the dark but we could talk. But talk about what? They could easily get turned off and go back to the gadgets. I finally thought of something that could entertain them for a while. We could do “I spy with my little eye…”. But it could be too dark outside to spy on anything at all.

Finally, car ride jokes! That sounds like a potential idea. So I googled for some jokes and consolidated them here. Here’s a downloadable editable version if anyone is interested. Hope it can sustain for a while for at least some parts of the rides

Jokes for road trip

1. Where do sharks go on vacation?


2. Where do sheep go on vacation?

The Baaa-hamas!

3. What do frogs like to drink on a hot summer’s day?


4. How do rabbits get to their holiday destination?

By hare-plane!

5. What travels around the world but stays in one corner?

A stamp!

7. Where can you find an ocean without water?

On a map!

8. Where do cows like to go in the evenings?

To the mooooo-vies!

9. What did the one ocean say to the other ocean?

Nothing, it just waved.

10. What happens when you wear a watch on a plane?

Time flies!

11. Who can drive all their customers away and still make money?

Taxi drivers.

12. What do you say to a frog who needs a ride?

Hop in

13. Where do dogs park their cars?

In the barking lot.

14. What’s a car’s favorite meal?


15. Why did the old lady fall in the well?

Because she couldn’t see that well

16. What’s brown and sticky?

A stick

17. Which country has the most germs?


18. What did the tornado say to the sports car?

Want to go for a spin?

19. What part of the car is the laziest?

The wheels, because they are always tired!

20. What only starts to work after it’s fired?

A rocket!

21. What’s the worst vegetable to serve on a boat?


22, What happens when a frog parks in a no-parking space?

It gets toad(towed) away!

23. What do you call a sleeping bull?

A bull-dozer!

24. Why do you need a license for a dog but not for a cat?

Cats can’t drive!

25. What is the difference between a nicely-dressed man on a tricycle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle?

A tire (attire)

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