JavaScript Programming for Kids – A Maths Quiz

Now that we have started our very first JavaScript program, we can start trying out a real game. This program is a very basic game that introduces interaction between your program and the person playing the game. It takes in some input from the person evaluates the input and determine if the answer is correct or not.

You start the game by asking a question, for example:


The player will type an answer and click “OK”. If the answer is not correct, a message “Try again!” will show and the player clicks “Close” to try again.


if the answer is correct, a message showing “Correct!” will show and the game ends.


Here’s the complete code

  var answer= prompt(“what is 8+8?”);



  else {

    alert (“Try again!”);



prompt() is a standard javascript function which will pop up a display, with 2 buttons Cancel and OK. If you clicked Cancel, the pop-up will close and do nothing. If you clicked OK, the JavaScript will be able to get whatever you typed inside the box or just a blank if you did not type anything.

When we write
var answer = prompt(….);

We are trying to get whatever the player typed in the pop-up box and store in a variable answer. So we can use the variable to check whether the player has entered the answer you are looking for, in this case, 16.

If(answer == 16)

We use 2 equal signs (==) to do a comparison, of the value on the right side is equal to the value on the left side.

We use 1 equal sign (=) to assign the value on the right side to the variable on the left side.

Then finally, we have


If the player did not get the correct answer so that we can refresh the page and let the player try again. If the player gets the correct answer, we do not need to refresh the page.

If(…) and else are very commonly used functions in any programming language. It’s like in real life situations, we always have options such that if we do this, we will get this, else, if we do that, we will get that. So during programming, we need to tell the computer exactly what to do in different situations. In this case, if the player gets the wrong answer, prompt a message and refresh the page. Else, if the player gets the correct answer, show a message.

If we have more than 2 types of possible outcomes, we can even do a if(….) else if(…) else

Type or copy the above code in Visual Studio Code and save the file as quiz.html. Open the file and enjoy your game!


JavaScript Programming for Kids?

Teaching kids how to do coding has recently become quite popular here in Singapore. I checked out some of those classes that aim to teach children how to code. Most classes are either robotics or uses the Scratch platform. I checked out the Scratch website and attempted to learn programming via their method but did not understand nor how to code without using the website. If you have done flash animation before, it feels more like that than doing coding. Drag and drop pre-configured motion action, logic for the various conditions that you want to animate the otherwise motionless still-image sprite.

Then I found this book, again from our friendly National Library  , I’m a JavaScript Games Maker: Basic by Max Wainewright. Now we are looking at programming.

So I got inspired to write a post on how to get kids started on some Javascript basics and also do a simple program to get started. My girl tried out the book and only just the “Hello World” basic script got her beaming with pride that she got her first coding program working. She went on to try another sample program with a real working game, encountered some bugs, and got our help to resolve it. And she proudly declares that she made her very first game. And she got her sister interested to learn as well.

To get started, we need 

  1. A computer (Desktop, Laptop, Macbook etc)
  2. Any browser (Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc)
  3. A text editor App (see recommendation below)

For the text editor, any computer should come with a default text editor, for example NotePad on Windows or TextEditor on Mac. Although the basic editor works as well, but using applications built for coding would make the task much easier. You would have less chance for bugs in the program due typo error because a suitable text editor will provide suggestions to help you autocomplete your code.

‘Bugs’ in programming refers to errors in the code that make the code not to work as you expect. The ‘bug’ could be due to

Typo error – you spelt some keyword wrongly

Logic error – no typo error code works but not the way you wanted it. For example, you wanted your animation to move left upon click but it moved right.

Keyword – there are many different programming languages. Each language have their own keyword for you to use to build your code. They usually have lots of documentation, official and non official, to explain the keywords and even the ready made functions (similar to excel functions) that you can use to build your code logic.

Back to the text editor recommendation.

Here’s some suggestions and screenshots using different editors

1. Notepad

Notepad should be familiar to anyone who uses Windows. It’s good enough to use for taking down and storing some notes but definitely not good enough for coding.

Using the basic Notepad application in Windows looks like this. All black texts, no autocompletion of key words

2. Notepad++ (Download here)

The Notepad++ is a free software, downloadable for Windows. Just navigate to their site and hit the big Download button to install. Using Notepad++ looks better than using Notepad but you would still need to type everything out yourself.

No auto-completion of keywords but keywords such as would automatically be changed to blue colour font, so you know that’s a keyword in Javascript

3. Visual Studio Code (Download here)

For those familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio, no, this is not the same as that. Visual Studio Code is also developed by Microsoft but is a freeware that can be downloaded at no cost. In the book, the author recommended Sublime but on the website it indicated that a licence is required for continued use (which means you need to buy) so I would prefer Visual Studio Code instead. Both applications can be downloaded for both Windows or Mac. Firstly, you just need to type a few words and the Visual Studio Code would list out some suggestions for you so that you only need to select the option that you want. And the fonts are colour coded, so you know which are the keywords.

Auto-complete suggestions with some explanation notes on each option to help to understand how to use the keyword

Now we can start our very first program! The first basic program, basically just pops up a “Hello World” message when you open the file in a browser.

Open your text editor and type in the words, unless you use Visual Studio Code, you might not need to type in everything.

    alert (“Hello World”)

Save the file somewhere. Click the File button at the top of the editor and select Save. Enter the filename as Hello.html. Go to the folder where you save your file. In windows, the default should be in My Documents (full path should look something like this “c:\users\<your username>\Documents”. In Mac, the default document folder should be in Documents. Open the Finder. Select Documents folder. You should see the file Hello.html.

Double click on the file. It should open up in your default browser and look something like this.

Every programmer’s first Hello World program 🙂

Although we are using javascript to code, but we actually saved the file as “.html” so the system would automatically open the file in a browser and execute the codes. But we had actually written some HTML as well as JavaScript codes. The keywords and are actually HTML codes. HTML code can be easily identified as they start with a ‘<‘ and ends with a ‘>’ symbol. The actual Javascript code is only this line “alert(“Hello World”)“. The “alert(…)” with the open bracket and close bracket is a function in Javascript that performs the displays that pop up box when you open the file in the browser. Everything inside the brackets, enclosed with open and close inverted commas “” can be any words that you want to show in that pop up box. In this case, Hello World. You can now try to change the Hello World text to anything else like Hello Me, My first Javascript etc and see the different messages pop up.

So there we have, the very first JavaScript programming for kids! I will try to do up another one for the actual game script that was described in the book. It’s quite fun to build and later play the game that you built on your own. So do check back here another day for the post!

Tongue Twisters for Road Trips

Just as I finished compiling a list of car ride jokes, I bumped into this book at the National Library. A book on tongue twisters. Sounds good for a road trip too!

I extracted 20 of them from the book to store here for future reference.

Here’s the downloadable version

Tongue Twisters for Road Trips

  • 1. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  • 2. Ann anteater ate Andy Alligator’s apples, so angry Andy Alligator ate Ann Anteater’s ants.
  • 3. How high would a housefly fly if a housefly would fly high?
  • 4. Each Easter Eddie eats eighty Easter eggs
  • 5. Which is the witch that wished the wicked wish
  • 6. Santa’s sleigh slides on slick snow
  • 7. Shy Sheila shakes soft shimmering silks
  • 8. Sarah saw a sash shop full of showy shiny sashes
  • 9. Sly Sam slurps Sally’s soup
  • 10. He threw three free throws
  • 11. The boy blinked at the blank bank blackboard
  • 12. There’s no need to light a night-light on a light night like tonight. For a night-light’s just a slight light on a light night like tonight
  • 13. Blake the baker bakes black bread
  • 14. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many pickled peppers did Peter Piper picked?
  • 15. Betty Botter bought a bit of butter. “But,” said she, “this butter’s bitter. If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter. But a bit of better butter that would make my batter better.” So Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter, and she put it in her bitter batter and made her bitter batter a bit better
  • 16. We surely shall see the sun shine soon
  • 17. Betty and Bob brought back blue balloons from the big bazaar.
  • 18. Sam’s shop stocks short, spotted socks
  • 19. Mrs Smith’s fish sauce shop
  • 20. Old oily Ollie oils old oily autos.
  • Extracted from Tongue Twisters by Pam Rosenberg

    Jokes for Road Trips

    It’s the school holidays! Time for vacation! Every time we go on trips, we tend to have lots of time spent on the road, getting from one place to another. I will then always prepare some activities to entertain the kids on long car rides. And when my activities run out, they will whip out the iPads at the very first opportunity.

    Here’s what I prepared previously:

    1. Storybooks

    2. Random toys in a bag

    3. LEGOs

    4. Small balls

    5. DIY busy book (took me lots of time and effort to make)

    DIY busy book because I could not find any suitable ones outside

    6. Cardboard boxes, paper strips and Pom poms (for the baby then who gets fascinated over boxes)

    Made from toilet roll and diy Pom Pom with yarn. Can discard after the trip if the condition degrades 😂

    7. Hand puppets

    Hanged the toy with pacifier clip and a rubber band so it’s stretchy

    8. Cars

    The thing with legos and balls are that they tend to drop again and again all over the car and I would have to pick them up again and again. Duh!

    Busy books were good as I made sure I had different types of activities packed in, like mazes, writing sheets, magnetic paper doll set, various worksheets for academic skills, stickers, and thread with paper punched with holes for threading and learning how to tie shoe laces.

    The downside was that once it gets dark, all these activities aren’t appropriate anymore. Then they will spend the rest of the ride on gadgets. With bright lights and everything.. duh again.

    I’ve tried to think of something that they could do during those night car rides but couldn’t get any good ideas.

    Then this idea came to me. We can’t see well in the dark but we could talk. But talk about what? They could easily get turned off and go back to the gadgets. I finally thought of something that could entertain them for a while. We could do “I spy with my little eye…”. But it could be too dark outside to spy on anything at all.

    Finally, car ride jokes! That sounds like a potential idea. So I googled for some jokes and consolidated them here. Here’s a downloadable editable version if anyone is interested. Hope it can sustain for a while for at least some parts of the rides

    Jokes for road trip

    1. Where do sharks go on vacation?


    2. Where do sheep go on vacation?

    The Baaa-hamas!

    3. What do frogs like to drink on a hot summer’s day?


    4. How do rabbits get to their holiday destination?

    By hare-plane!

    5. What travels around the world but stays in one corner?

    A stamp!

    7. Where can you find an ocean without water?

    On a map!

    8. Where do cows like to go in the evenings?

    To the mooooo-vies!

    9. What did the one ocean say to the other ocean?

    Nothing, it just waved.

    10. What happens when you wear a watch on a plane?

    Time flies!

    11. Who can drive all their customers away and still make money?

    Taxi drivers.

    12. What do you say to a frog who needs a ride?

    Hop in

    13. Where do dogs park their cars?

    In the barking lot.

    14. What’s a car’s favorite meal?


    15. Why did the old lady fall in the well?

    Because she couldn’t see that well

    16. What’s brown and sticky?

    A stick

    17. Which country has the most germs?


    18. What did the tornado say to the sports car?

    Want to go for a spin?

    19. What part of the car is the laziest?

    The wheels, because they are always tired!

    20. What only starts to work after it’s fired?

    A rocket!

    21. What’s the worst vegetable to serve on a boat?


    22, What happens when a frog parks in a no-parking space?

    It gets toad(towed) away!

    23. What do you call a sleeping bull?

    A bull-dozer!

    24. Why do you need a license for a dog but not for a cat?

    Cats can’t drive!

    25. What is the difference between a nicely-dressed man on a tricycle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle?

    A tire (attire)

    Perth with Young and Big Kids

    With two not-so-small and one still-very-small kid, planning a trip now gets somewhat challenging.

    Where should we go for this mid-year trip? We need that break, break from balancing hectic work and doing homework and revising for exams with the kids. The kids need their break too after going through all that exam revision stuff.

    Should we go somewhere nearby? Nah, too hot. Japan? Will there still be radiation that might be harmful for the kids? Europe? Too far, the baby might not be able to take it. Duh.. decisions.. How about down under? Perth! It’s not too far away, it’s winter there yet not freezingly cold, and it feels like a place to go even without much planning. With that, we set on to plan our trip for Perth.

    As usual, we booked our flight on the Singapore Airline and this was the first flight the baby had a seat to himself. The friendly and experienced stewardess on this flight was worried the baby might be clingy and offered me an infant seatbelt, which I found out on the return flight from a newbie stewardess that it’s actually not allowed if the baby already has his own seat. But it really came in useful and I appreciated that offer. The flight was full and Bub refused to sit next to a stranger. He was clinging on to me whenever he could.

    Soon after we reached Perth, the kids were energized and all ready for the holiday.

    While planning for the trip, we were trying to decide should we self-drive or find alternative transport?

    Self driving could be tiring (for the driver) especially if we are planing to go somewhere far, like Margaret River, and we need to have more planning, like, which route to take.

    So we started to research for private tours and car hire services. Sounds like a good idea. We decided on So Cal Limo after reading good reviews on TripAdvisor and we sure were glad they didn’t disappoint. They were really very flexible on our itinary and in fact Pierce (our driver) made himself available even on the days that we didn’t plan to take the service. We appreciated that a lot because on some days we really needed the service to move around as the original plan of just crossing the road to King’s Park got foiled by non stop raining. Highly recommended!

    Quest West Perth

    We love this little cosy service apartment which able to give us 2 side-by-side units, privatized by having an additional outer door to enclose the 2 units so we feel like we are just having 2 fully equipped rooms instead of 2 units. Having 2 sets of everything also allowed us to multitask efficiently. I could wash 2 sets of clothes concurrently, dry then together, hubby and me could cook a meal concurrently while the kids just have fun running from 1 room to another. Service was great too! On some days we left the utensils unwashed and rushed out for our tour and they actually helped us to wash up! We read that most service apartments don’t provide this service so we were wonderfully surprised.

    Fruit picking at Golden Grove Orchard

    We always like to include one or two fruit picking tours during our trips. It’s fascinating and very cool to see all the fruits we eat daily on hanging directly from the trees ready for us to pick them back. Nic was complaining about the goat poop (organic fertilizer) all over the floor while the rest of us were happily snipping the oranges off the trees. Just look at our harvest! We tried mandarin oranges, reduced acidity oranges (which was the sweetest and least sour type) , citrus orange (tastes sour) and the big fat oranges that were usually used to make orange juices.

    The temperature at farms is usually lower so it was a good idea to bring along warmer jackets, apply lip balm and wear a mask for the kids to prevent the lips from drying up and cracking in the cold especially when there’s wind.

    Caversham Wildlife Park

    The reviews of Caversham Wildlife Park were nothing but praises so we definitely can’t miss this one. Only problem was how much time should we allocate here? Most people felt that 2 hours was enough to cover the park. But with our three kids and their excitement over the cutesy fur balls, we might end up with half a day there. And we did. We stayed until the park closure and the kids wanted to come again the next day! We fed many kangaroos but some were not that interested as there were already lots of dried food pellets on the ground.

    We had fun taking photos with a big fat wombat, a very hungry and not sleepy koala and patted many other animals there. It was really so much more upclose experience with the animals than seeing them at the zoo.

    The downside was there was not much food options at the park. Many came prepared with picnic baskets loaded with food which was such a good idea. Luckily we packed some sandwiches which the hungry kids gobbled up in a few minutes. There was a small cafe in the park which we bought some cup noodles, muffins and coffee before we left the park.

    Swan River

    The swan river is a long stretch of river that spread across the whole of Perth. We dropped by this part of the river for a quick shot. Too bad we couldn’t spot any swans along. We love the peacefulness of the river which reflected the scenery like the mirror lake in New Zealand.

    Crawley Edge Boatshed

    This iconic boat shed is definitely an insta-worthy site for some good photos. There was already a queue there when we reached. Luckily it’s not too long a wait before our turn and we got a bonus for waiting. A wonderful rainbow appeared in the skyline just next to the shed while it was about our turn

    Lakeside Joondalup

    Any trip wouldn’t be complete without some shopping done. We did ours mainly at this huge mall where there was Target, Woolsworth, KMart, some other supermarkets, games arcade, bookstores and whatever you need, all under one roof. After lunch at the food court, the daddy and the girls kept themselves busy at the games arcade while the baby was strapped to me while I shopped. I made a mad rush in an attempt to cover my shopping list in 2 hours before the mall closes for the day. Mission accomplished but wouldn’t mind if I had more time to get some more stuff. Shopping time is never enough.

    Busselton Jetty

    Little captain of the train

    Dropped by this nice little jetty along the way to whale watching for the kids to take a break from the long ride. Guess who was the most excited to see go for a train ride along the jetty?

    The nice captain even let all the kids have a go at his seat for a memorable photo!

    Whale watching at Augusta

    Picture taken on actual trip by on board staff available for download on the official website

    It was an epic day of whale watching with Whale Watch Western Australia! We were half expecting that we won’t catch any whales this day as many have tried and left disappointed although they did get a full refund. With the expectation set so low, it was really an amazing experience for us when we spotted not only one but several humpback whales on this trip! Some dolphins joined us for the thrill ride as well! We were so lucky.

    The down side of it? The girls ended up with motion sickness and slept though the second half of the trip. The whales were having so much fun in the sea, we were bumping along with them in the choppy water mess they created. We were lucky enough that they didn’t puke like many of the other passengers did, probably because we had given them motion sickness pills before we set off. And luckily, they still caught some of those whales in action before they zonked out.

    It was fun trying to snap photos and videos of the giants and trying not to fall overboard or have your camera slip off your hands. This was a good recommendation by So Cal.

    Margaret River

    A place not to be missed when in Perth. We went all the way to the river mouth when Margaret River meets the Indian Ocean. We were glad that we made it here after whale watching and before the sky turns dark because day time during the winter season is really short plus the distance from 1 attraction to the other is always so far. A fulfilling day with super long hours of car ride. Prepare lots of food and snacks for such trip. They came in really useful.

    King’s Park

    It’s no exaggeration when they say King’s Park is 1 of the world’s largest inner city park now that we have seen for ourselves. It’s impossible to cover the whole of the park just within a day, unless you only intend to drop by to see. The kids could be stuck at the same playground the whole day!

    We went to 2 different parts on 2 days. The kids love the playground (top pic) while we love the nature park (bottom pic) where you can get so close to river streams.

    Perth Zoo

    The Perth zoo, unlike our Singapore Zoo, is located in the middle of the city. It feels quite different that on one side we have lots of animals staying together while just across the road we have people living in tall buildings. On that day we went, they were renovating the lion enclosure. The poor boy wanted so much to catch sight of the lion but didn’t see any. There were lots of spaces for family picnics and children playground so it’s quite a nice place (especially under such cooling weather) for a weekend destination for families. Now, if only we have such weather in Singapore, our zoo would be so much more enjoyable.

    We tried out an Uber ride from King’s Park to the zoo this day and was glad that transportation nowadays are as easy as tapping a few buttons on the app


    We ditched our Mercedes for the all-terrain Land Rover today to go to the desert today. It was a amazing sight at the Pinnacles where it is full of ancient limestone pillars. Well, at least for the adults. For the kids, they thought they had come to a huge beach and started having fun drawing on the sand.

    Lobster shack

    We treated ourselves to a lobster feast this day since it was supposedly famous and we were just nearby. They ran out of the smaller ones so we could only order the big set. There were mixed reviews but we were lucky our lobster was fresh and meaty. Very satisfying meal. The lobster burger was kind of disappointing though. I was expecting a piece of fresh burger bread stuffed with lobster salad but it came in as a lobster patty instead.

    There was a huge crowd but the service was surprising fast and the thoughtful peeps here set up a kids play area to entertain the restless kids while waiting for the food. The play area was a hit!

    Lancelin Sand Dunes

    We ended our day at the Lancelin Sand Dunes watching people slide down sand dunes on a sandboard and watching the beautiful sunset. You could actually rent a board and pick it up before going, but we didn’t manage to rent the board so couldn’t try sandboarding here. We tried to borrow from 1 of the tour groups but they said it was strictly for the group members.

    Cottesloe Main Beach

    A surfer’s beach on some days, this beach definitely has waves so big we hardly ever see back in Singapore. The kids got thrilled over the high tide and fast incoming waves splashing on the shoreline and attempted to run when the waves came in. Unfortunately all of them ended with splashingly wet and we had to dig into our packed luggage for extra pair of shoes to replaced their soaked shoes. A good idea to always bring extra shoes on any trip.

    Fremantle Market

    This century old market is a must-go when in Perth. From fruits and vegetables to pastries, to burgers, snacks to souvenirs, everything looked interesting. The market is packed on weekends, similar to Bugis Village back in Singapore, so do watch out for your kids. There was also street buskers doing some performances to add to the colour of the market. We got away with some satisfying burgers and snacks, some honey cakes as well as some souvenirs to bring back home.

    South Mole Lighthouse

    A small lighthouse by the port. We love the clear blue sky and watch boats and ships sail by as well as enjoy the cooling breeze as we stroll along. Definitely a good photo spot.

    Bibra Lake Regional Playground

    Playground with a fantastic view? Oh yes! Definitely! On the way to the airport, we were recommended to this awesome playground which gave the kids unforgettable time. With sand and water play, flying fox, swings, numerous slides, the kids had crazy fun here. It was almost too sad our trip was ending. They are already asking to go back! Ok, guess we’ll be back sometime.


    Day 1:

    • Supermarket shopping
    • Check in hotel

    Day 2:

    • Golden Grove Orchard
    • Caversham Park
    • Swan River

    Day 3:

    • Crawley Edge Boatshed
    • Lakeside Joondalup

    Day 4:

    • Busselton Jetty
    • Augusta Whale Watch
    • Margaret River

    Day 5:

    • King’s Park
    • Perth Zoo

    Day 6:

    • Kings Park
    • Pinnacles
    • Lobster Shack
    • Lancelin Sand Dunes
    • Watertown Brand Outlet

    Day 7:

    • King’s Park
    • Cottesloe Main Beach
    • South Mole Lighthouse
    • Fremantle Market
    • Bibra Lake Regional Playground

    Hong Kong with Young Kids (2017 Edition)

    Four years after we first brought the kids to visit Hong Kong, we are back here with now 3 kids in tow. What a difference 4 years made. Besides a bigger family now, the girls have also grown, no longer the can-bring-them-anywhere toddlers. But for some reason, Hong Kong now seems slightly more kid friendly than before. And we definitely welcome that.

    Many hotels are offering kids-centered program and kids/family friendly rooms, although not at pocket-friendly prices (unless during off peak seasons). There is even a whole mall dedicated to kids! It’s branded as the world’s first multiple intelligence kids mall! How impressive!

    Transportation seems easier than before as blogged in this entry. The main reason to be accredited to technology advancement. The regular taxi scene remains unchanged as from 30 years ago, according to a local there. There are still the same nostalgic Toyota Crown 4 or 5 seaters taxi, with the addition of a new taxi type, which is the maxi cab which is mainly for wheelchair bound passengers. But they are still 4-seater taxis.

    Now with Uber and online travel agencies like Klook, booking a transport in Hong Kong was a breeze. For this trip, we used mainly Klook to book our transport as we can be guaranteed an MPV which can accommodate all of us, plus our luggages. It’s so easy to book through the app and cancellation just requires a 24hour advance notice. Plus the year end promotions offered, the pricing was quite attractive. I wonder if anyone would still arrange airport transfers with the hotels which charges at ridiculous rates.

    Here’s our simple itinerary for a 6 day trip

    • Free and easy at The Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa
    • The Peak
    • Hong Kong Park
    • D(iscovery)-Park
    • Central
    • DisneyLand

    Our main interest being, to enjoy the cool weather and also to let the kids have some holiday fun.

    This trip, we explored the area of Whampoa, Kowloon for the first time. Several bloggers wrote about it and we too, decided that we could give it a try. So here’s my account of our experience in this part of rarely-a-tourist-area place.

    Harbour Grand Kowloon

    Hotel room was average but the lobby was, Wow! There’s a very good-reviewed restaurant serving buffet and it must be very popular as a wedding venue because there was a wedding here every day during our stay

    We booked 2 connecting rooms here and the kids were happily zooming around from one room to the other. The hotel had a very grand and spacious sea-view lobby, which gives an instant feeling of relaxation in the middle of a festive(read crowded) period. The room was average with adequate amenities and toilet was equipped with bathtub! But wait till you see the exterior!

    Nice view coupled with nice weather, no wonder everyone’s smiling

    A breathtaking view awaits us at the rooftop with an aquarium-styled heated outdoor pool with a city view as the backdrop. The weather was too cool and windy for a swim so we did not try. Best to be all wrapped up in our cosy jackets!

    We took a nice evening stroll behind the lobby after checking in, just to catch the lovely sunset, watch the city light up and see traditional junk boats sail past.

    Getting their sweet treat from the hotel cafe for completing their daily tasks

    The kids had their fun participating in their VIK (Very Important Kids) program where they get treats and stickers by answering some questions given out daily

    The Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa (flash required)

    whampoa map

    Map of Whampoa, in case the flash site cannot be loaded

    When we first chance upon this place we were quite doubtful of it being ‘Wonderful’. There were not a lot of reviews on TripAdvisor and the reviews were not that great. And from the street view on Google map, the place looks a little far our imagination of wonderful. One blog that we read also had the same initial doubtful feeling but ended up surprisingly convinced. And I’m glad to say that we made a good choice for a family stay. It’s quite true as per the reviews that there is nothing much to rave about the shopping there and the prices are on the slightly high side. According to 1 local, the area is more for the middle-income residents which explains why, but if you are looking for high-end shopping, you might be disappointed that there are none here. So what do we find wonderful about Whampoa?


    The iconic ship building housing Aeon mall, with some restaurants and food court and retail shopping

    Aeon mall in the middle of everything! Formerly known as Jusco, Aeon is a retail group originating from Japan. If you have been to any aeon stores, you might know that they have very interesting range of things, even supermarket items!

    Photos of only some parts of the whole Aeon Mall (located at the Ship building)

    Bright, spacious mall, well stocked supermarket with a wide variety of goods, retail items like clothing, baby essentials and shoes for example. There are also sections for beauty items, stationery and household items. Really convenient for us especially when I had to cook for the baby. The supermarket stocks fresh produce like corn, potatoes and eggs which were mostly imported but were really fresh and very yummy, as approved by the little ones.

    Some of the items bought at the supermarket for making baby meals

    Meals whipped up from the ingredients using an electric lunch box

    And the cooking tools. Love the collapsible bowl invention. Its so convenient to bring around

    Whampoa Garden

    The Whampoa area consists of a few main buildings named as the different Worlds. For example, Treasure World, Fashion World, Gourmet Place were our main interests for kids (Treasure), shopping (Fashion) and food (Gourmet). All the Worlds were within walking distance from our hotel. Along the way from our hotel to the main Worlds, are the residential blocks, with many other shops and eateries filling up the ground level, for example, Maxim bakery, Watson and Cafe De Coral are some of the shops that we pass by everyday.

    Street view and overall map of Whampoa

    Sometimes we drop by the playground and let kids do some workouts. The MTR is also within walking distance and is the first stop of that line so it’s easier to get a seat.

    JumpinGym at Treasure World

    JumpinGym Arcade at Treasure World

    We were excited to know there’s a huge indoor playground nearby for the kids here. The kids had lots of fun and did not complain about the walking. The pricing of the rides were not cheap though, but at least the kids were kept entertained. There were shops like Toys ‘R us, Popular Bookstore and Dr Kong here as well, in case you are buying stuff for the kids. Oh, and McDonalds is here as well, anytime for a french fries and nuggets meal. There is also a very large branch of Marks and Spencer’s here. Happy shopping for the Mummy and playing for the kids and the Daddy.

    The Peak

    A trip to Hong Kong doesn’t feel complete without a trip to the Peak. We arrived early hoping to skip some crowd. And had the famous Mak’s noodles for breakfast. There was no queue here to our pleasant surprise. Too bad the kids didn’t really fancy the food and preferred my home cooked food prepared for the baby instead. At least they had some breakfast. The Peak Tram queue was incredibly crowded so we skipped that totally.


    Then we proceeded to the center of the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city, Central. The plan was to let the kids hop on the longest escalator in the world but apparently they weren’t too keen. We had barely just started a few flights when they started complaining of hunger, tiredness. Ok, enough, next stop please. And while we looking for a place to rest their legs, we chanced upon this little retreat in between the buildings that the kids definitely welcome. Suddenly all that tiredness vanished. Kids.. 🙄

    Hong Kong Park

    Staircase everywhere so it’s common to see people carrying stroller up and down.. 

    Since we were in the vicinity and had some time, we came by this park after reading many good reviews. The kids playground here was really a game changer. It’s like 6-in-1 playground. We usually only get one if them at any one place but over here we have 6 of them all together. Ok I guess we will be stucked here for some time. Surprisingly, we didn’t. The kids got stricken by static a few times while sliding down the slides they were tearing, so we ended the trip early. Not sure it’s the jacket or the dryness that’s causing the static, what a pity.


    Huge kids mall

    We checked out of Harbour Grand this day to proceed to the happiest place on earth, DisneyLand! So we booked our driver for pickup and made a detour to this new mall hailed as the world’s first smart mall for kids. It was really a mall that kids wouldn’t mind coming. Now, only if I more time here to shop while hubby looks after all the kids…


    Four years ago when we came here, the girls were too young to enjoy the rides. They were also crying away when taking photos with character, intimidated by the size of the character costumes. This trip, they sure outgrown all of it and had lots more fun that now they are asking to go back again. I was secretly expecting the baby to be crying away upon seeing the characters. Surprise, surprise, he was so excited like as if he met an old friend, attempting to lead every character off to somewhere to play, making everyone bursting out in laughter.

    Bub, getting all his favourite characters to follow him home

    Here’s a tip. For a Disney trip with little girls, always prepare a/few set of princess costume. In the happiest place on earth, girls would love to dress up even if they usually don’t .

    We did not stay at the explorer Lodge for this trip but we dropped by to take a look. Really new and nice. Shall try the next time.

    Finally, it’s going home time.

    Changi Airport Terminal 4

    We were so fascinated by our brand new Changi Airport Terminal 4. It’s spanking new and it’s high-tech. Even the restaurants look so interesting. As we had a baby in tow, we could not try the self check in terminal, so we went straight to the counter.

    Even the toilets was so nice, we had to take a photo (bottom left). Baggage weighing machine (bottom right)

    Cathay Pacific

    We saw this irresistible promotion on Cathay Pacific for Premium Economic that we decided to give it a try. We had a pleasant surprise when we got a free upgrade to Business Class on the departure flight due to a change in aircraft. First experience on business class! Super worth. We did try the premium economy flight not he return flight and the seats were indeed more spacious than the economy.

    The kids can’t wait to go back to Hong Kong Disneyland. Hope we get to go back soon! But for now, its back to school, back to work time!

    New Tampines regional library at Tampines Hub

    Got a chance to swing by this latest, much talked-about and exciting library today and I can say that the standard of our libraries here have gone up a notch yet again. 

    The library is huge, that even walking from one end to the other feels far and there are five levels of it. Do we really need so many books? (Yes we do!)

    Level 2 layout


    Looking at the amenities they even have charging points and nursing room? Thumbs up!

    Pardon the reflection on the picture. I couldn’t find this layout on the NLB website so I took a picture from one of their digital directory guide in the library. 

    Starting from level 2, we can find all the books related to our every day lives. Be it sports, magazines, cooking, hobbies etc. I was busy admiring the displays and amenities on this floor than notice the range of books though.

    The one and only stationary bike cum reading table


    Firstly, the library faces the view of a large, inspiring soccer field. Then there is this one and only bicycle reading table that you can cycle and read a sports book at the same time and be inspired by the sportsmen out on the field ‘live’. It looks like there may be more of this bicycle though since there is some empty spaces here. 

    Nice singapore heritage display here

    Magazines section


    Then you see nice, uncovered displays over the usual magazine racks that makes the magazines look more interesting.

    Cooking studio under renovation


    Then you see this under renovation kitchen studio where cooking classes would be conducted and you’ll be inspired to grab some cooking books home just outside the studio. 

    Room for watching soccer together?


    And there is this big empty room with a huge screen showcasing our National day parade. Wow.

    Level 3 layout


    Going up to the 3rd level is Early Reader and Baby Books section. It’s kind of unexpected that they stationed this section here because they usually tuck this section down at basement level, far away from everyone because maybe it’s expected that this would be the noisiest section of all with all the excited toddlers and babies. For this case, I would expect the noise level to be higher than elsewhere because of this 

    Kids playground in a library?!


    Seriously? Do we really need a playground in a library? It seems unrelated to encouraging reading of any kind. The only good reason I could think of is for parents to have some time for books while the kids have fun just next door. But maybe the library has some other playground idea instead. It’s still empty for now so let wait and see. Could be really exciting if it’s a new concept playground! And hope the glass is sound proof!

    View of the empty playground from 1 level up


    I love the layout of books and shelves at this level.

    Tampines library has a huge collection of Chinese books and they are displayed along this stretch of road. Very visible and accessible. Could encourage kids to read more Chinese books

    Bird cage seats.. so nice! The walkway is mostly wide and stroller friendly

    Upon closer look the books didn’t look that new. Likely to be stock from the previous location

    Love the seats! Feel like grabbing some books and park there to read


    Every book is displayed with cover facing out instead of stacked together with only the book spine facing out. Parents and kids and easily choose a book of interest (although mainly judging a book by its cover). But then again kids this age can’t really read yet so the picture on the cover says a thousand words. Brilliant! When I pick a picture book for my kids I also tend to look at the pictures and decide whether this book is suitable or not then pick it up and briefly read the contents to double confirm.

    Level 4 layout

    Fully utilized

    Level 4 is still for kids, but for Emerging Readers, juniors and teens. 

    For the teens section, the emphasis is more on spaces for group revision and discussion. The rows of tables can be seen to be filled with teens and their laptops and notes, studying for the exams. This place is definitely more conducive than camping on the floor at Changi Airport, if you can find a seat. Only thing is you can’t eat here and blast your music on your Bluetooth speaker.

    Finally for the adults, we have level 5 and 6 of books for us 

    Half filled shelves. Warm lighting strips conducive for reading

    Nice glass table!


    2 levels of compactly packed bookshelves seem too much for now as can be seen, they shelves are mostly half filled for now. Should be expecting lots of new books to fill in next time.

    The shelves here can be seen to be more closely packed on these 2 levels and some walkways only allow single file walking. There are still abundant proper tables and chairs and sofas for us though they are still all fully packed.

    The media section looks quite cool with monitor screens this huge. This library really has quite of fair bit of electronics.

    Outdoor garden to take a breather?


    Then we have this cool looking outdoor space which is closed for now but seems like a good idea for groups since the noise level is not so restricted. 

    Not sure if the crowd today is due to exam period or it’s going to be this crowded throughout the year, but I see that every single seat and sofa and table is taken up even though the place is huge