Jokes for Road Trips

It’s the school holidays! Time for vacation! Every time we go on trips, we tend to have lots of time spent on the road, getting from one place to another. I will then always prepare some activities to entertain the kids on long car rides. And when my activities run out, they will whip out […]

Taiwan for Young Kids and Baby (Part 1) – Luggage Packing and Taking the Flight

This must be our third trip to Taiwan with kids. Have been meaning to pen down the trips happenings but always too engaged with other stuff. So finally, I’m determined to come up with this series of posts for the first trip with our 2 kids and 1 baby. This is Bub’s first trip so […]

Packing for trip – The Gadgets and Stuff

Living in a hi-tech era, it’s hard to leave these gadgets behind when travelling. But together with these gadgets comes along their power sources and charging cable. Bulky Dslr camera, iPad for the kids, charger for the iPhones and the Samsung, memory card adaptor for backing up camera photos to iPad and 1 extension socket […]