Adventure Cove for kids, RWS Singapore

The first time we came to Adventure Cove was about a year ago, just hubby and me. We didn’t think it would be suitable for our kids yet. We tried it today with the kids. The original plan was Port of Lost Wonder but tickets were all sold out. We had a lazy morning and […]

Hi-Tea Buffet with Kids Activities at Cafe Mosaic, Carlton Hotel Singapore

We checked out Cafe Mosaic over the long weekend finding out from a friend about the kiddy activities they hold here during the weekend hi-tea. Sounds like a good place to catch up with some friends while the kids also get entertained.  The kids were welcomed by this sight of colourful balloons. No kids can […]

Fun for young kids at Iskandar, Malaysia (Part 3 of 4) – LegoLand Hotel

We stayed at Legoland Hotel when it just opened in 2013 and it was a hit with the kids. We decided to return there this year for Nat’s birthday treat. The first thing that impressed us was the the very fun lobby filled with like million pieces of Legos and many play structures and colourful […]

Fun for young kids at Iskandar, Malaysia (Part 2 of 4) – LegoLand Water Park

We got our free tickets to Legoland Water Park by renewing our Legoland annual pass. Water park definitely sounds attractive given that our weather is so hot here. So we needed to check it out. There is a separate entrance to the water park from the theme park. The entrance is near to the Legoland […]

Fun for young kids at Iskandar, Malaysia (Part 1 of 4) – LegoLand Theme Park

This is the 1st part of a series of 4 entries that I will be writing about a mini holiday at our neighbour country, Malaysia. The other 3 parts will be 1. Legoland Water Park 2. Legoland Hotel 3. Little Big Club We signed up for the Legoland annual pass when it first opened simply […]